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TRIAS company is an authorized distributor of Fann Instrument Company in Russia and CIS. Fann Instrument is a world leader in the production of equipment for testing drilling fluids, completion and stimulation fluids, as well as cements.

Our company, performing the supply of equipment, offers and provides the following conditions:

· Minimum delivery time

· Flexible payment terms

· Prices for the products in accordance with the price list of Fann - no extra charges.

· Extended Warranty - up to 14 months depending on the complexity of the equipment.

· Any equipment and any supply volumes.

· We provide warehousing main items of our products (equipment, accessories and consumables) to reduce the delivery time.

· The introduction of certain types of equipment in the State Register of the Russian Federation (viscometers).

Our company provides a full service equipment maintenance Fann Instrument. Our specialists trained in the international training center Fann Instrument Inc in Houston perform service, which includes:

· Troubleshooting and Repair. You can still check out a service engineer as to the location and equipment repair service center in Moscow.

· Prevention and Maintenance. Depending on the complexity of the device and its operating conditions we recommend prophylaxis once a year or every six months.

· Commissioning and setting parameters of the equipment. This service is made for complex fixed equipment and includes staff training.

· Remote Support.

Servicing covers the entire product line of Fann and provided under the contract.