Consulting - one of the activities of our company aimed at wide range of issues in the field of technological, technical and expert appraisal counseling of the oil and gas and service companies.

The purpose of consulting – companies’ management team assistance in achieving their goals in the least costly way.

The primary objective of consulting involves the analyze, rationale of development prospects and use of scientific and technical, organizational and economic innovations, taking into account the topical area and customer problems. In other words, consulting - is any assistance provided by external consultants in solving any problems.

Highly qualified staff of our company is able to make effective decisions for optimizing all enterprise funds performance and most business processes functioning assurance at a high-efficiency innovative level.

No matter which of the markets - oil or gas you are running, LLC "TRIAS" will help you in solving the assigned problems. We understand each link in the chain of oil and gas company production process. We know what the requirements of the client company are, which goals and business challenges you face . Despite your one-of-a-kind problems, "TRIAS" consultants will work to achieve the right solution based on a vast domestic and foreign experience . Our experts have diversified experience in all areas from geology to mining and economy in different regions of the world. LLC "TRIAS" accomplishment is a multi-level system of communication between engineer-technician team, which make possible to minimize any possible errors and to engineer the most effective solutions.

Services include:

∙ Development of a comprehensive plan or confirmation of the existing one;

∙ Research and analysis of the optimal reservoir development scenario;

∙ Reducing the costs of contractor performance;

∙ Providing extra support for projects necessary to fulfill your strategy.