LLC "TRIAS" team will work in collaboration with your company team, to reduce the risks that you face, despite the fact how wide range of problems associated with the reservoir and the wellbore is. We have modern control technologies when working with openhole and cemented wells. Our experienced professionals, whose qualifications will allow you to beat the competition, will interact with your engineering staff working on a full-time basis to make the right decision and obtain the most successful result.

When you contact us for help - We get involved to do. Day after day for many years, our experts are addressing these issues.

Customer benefits:

• Reducing of overall well workover and perforation works costs.

Well completion systems

• Packer systems and accessories for well completion

• Regulation of flow rate and wire line operations

• Expandable systems

• Subsurface safety valves

Preventing sloughing of sand equipment

• Fault-tolerant filter strainers

• Prepacked well screen

• Wire-wrapped screens

• Inflow control devices

• Intelligent screen systems

• Gravel packed expansion of the bottomhole zone of reservoir

Liner hanger systems

The company's team has experience of wells completion by liner systems, the use of which is able to meet a wide range of customer requirements, including the completion of wells drilled to a greater depth in beds with high temperature and pressure. Knowledge of a wide range of equipment and technologies used on the market, allows you to choose the optimum technical and economical solution for the efficient completion using uncemented liners, liners for two-stage cementing and stepdown drop-off.